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To start the shift out of your fear of selling (or, more positively- a shift into becoming a more confident salesperson for your business), allow yourself to be passionately sold on what you offer. How do you passionately sell yourself on yourself? Begin by making a list of all the benefits you gain from your own business- and then make a list of all the benefits your customers receive from working with you. If you take the time to do both exercises, you can’t help feeling good about who you are and what you offer. Stay with this feeling for a week- spending a couple minutes each day in reviewing the benefits of having a business, and the benefits your business brings others. In doing so, you’ll start to feel a growing sense of passion and pride about your business. And, from here, it’s only a few steps to being passionately sold on what you offer. And once you’re sold, it’s easier to sell to others.