Discover How the P3 Process Can Increase Your Platform, Profits, and Playtime in the Next 6 months.

Create more financial security, more time for yourself, and better results, by focusing on the most important tasks to move your business forward.

(and you’ll feel more confident, more inspired, and more creative than you ever have before)

That’s a Promise.

What’s the biggest problem in your business?

Creating cash flow.

Cash flow plus expense management = profits.

But to create profits, you need to build an audience; a community of true fans who follow you and buy from you.

And, if you’re like most of my creative and brilliant clients, you want to build your business and your audience, and still have time and energy to devote to other causes and projects which are important to you.

I understand this well—because I’m like this too. Hi, I’m Dr. Rachna Jain. I’m a licensed psychologist with more than 45,000 hours of direct work in helping people change. I’m the author of five books, the owner of three businesses, and I’ve been working online since 1998; the start of the Internet as we know it today.

In my 18 year online career, I’ve built a successful psychology practice, a successful coaching practice, and now, a successful marketing agency focused on helping entrepreneurs use the internet effectively. In my non-work life, I’m an avid digital photographer and jewelry maker and designer. (You can see my work at Jewels by Rachna)

These two pursuits have been fulfilling and meaningful for me. They have helped me access creative parts of myself that I never knew I had. They would not have been possible if I hadn’t created a way to turn my strategic vision into applied reality.

What this means is that my special skill is in taking vision and putting a foundation under it so it can manifest. I bring a strong strategic focus with direct technical knowledge to help my clients build their businesses and audience, while having more time to create and play.

For 2017, I would like to take a small group of carefully selected entrepreneurs on a six month adventure to help them build more profitable businesses, bigger audiences, and to do this while having more time to rest, rejuvenate and play.

I know that when your business is running well—when you have the big picture vision and all the necessary systems in place—you find energy to give to your favorite causes and hobbies. This makes the world a better and brighter place. That’s what I want to help foster.

When working with someone to grow your business, you, of course, want to be sure they have the skills to help you move your business forward.

“Rachna’s efforts have helped us focus our limited marketing budget and efforts on the highest-impact activities — so we’re getting far better results in less time. Since we began working together, our course and consulting revenue has increased 295%, traffic to key pages has increased 50%, free trial subscriptions have increased 300%, SaaS revenue has increased 400%, and our mailing list has grown 210%. We’re excited to launch a redesigned marketing site that incorporates everything Rachna has helped us learn about our customers, so we can help more people launch their own online courses!”

Abe Crystal


“In one year working with Rachna, we experienced a 30% growth in annual sales of our half-million dollar company. With our second (newer company) annual sales doubled. Profit increased significantly (more than 100%) for both companies. We created a better marketing funnel which eased the ‘perpetual-need-to-launch’ pressure. Rachna helped improve our client engagement and our list not only grew but so did our credibility and connection with our community. I can’t wait to see what we achieve as we work together this next year!”

Casey Truffo


How Joining a Community Can Help You

Isolation is a true problem for entrepreneurs. In fact, an article in Fast Company magazine called this an “epidemic” — one that is impacting 34% of the work force. This article describes how too much isolation can negatively impact your earnings, your creativity, and your sense of personal well-being. This may not surprise you. But it’s important, because none of us were made to work in isolation. One of our basic needs is for connection and interaction- in fact, it’s one of the most basic needs in Maslow’s renowned hierarchy, yet how do you find this as an entrepreneur in a virtual world?

Facebook Isn’t Enough

You might get little bits of connection on Facebook here and there throughout the day. You might occasionally get together with your colleagues at networking meetings- but you feel you’re missing out on a sense of deeper connection and belonging that you know would make a real difference to your business. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to join a group of enthusiastic, bright, energetic, and creative women who understand you and want to see you succeed? These “trusted allies” can become your best source of ideas, support, and creative fuel to reach your most ambitious goals.

Steel Sharpens Steel

Think back to the last time you met someone you really admired. Someone who was smart, sharp, and pushed you to do better and be more. This person could have been a friend, a colleague, or a trusted mentor. Whoever this person was, you’ve probably always remembered the visceral pleasure of being seen, and being valued, and being understood. You probably felt energized, excited, and like you could go further and accomplish more. Yet how frequently do you get that in your daily life right now? How frequently are you surrounded by these kind of people? We know that steel sharpens steel. So if you want to be a better and more successful You 2.0, you need to surround yourself with people who get it.

Dig Deep on Important Issues

Most business owners experience the same few issues over and over again, kind of like the movie Groundhog Day (but not necessarily with the funny parts.) In the P3 Mastermind, we’ll look at your business from the ground up, and dig deep on the important issues that are critical for your business success. We’ll focus on the 20% of your actions that will generated 80% of your results. Who wouldn’t want to work less and achieve more? We’ll focus on helping you grow, every step of the way.

Are You Ready for Something More?

Are you looking for answers and ideas that come from the skill and real-life expertise of other entrepreneurs who are similar to you? Do you want to move forward with a greater sense of confidence that you’re making the right decisions? Do you want to be held accountable to achieve at the highest levels within a network of supportive colleagues who are cheering you on each step of the way? Do you want to spend more time with people who “get” you?

My Program May be Right for You

If you answered yes to those questions, I’d like to extend a special invitation for you to join my P3 Mastermind — my new entrepreneurial mindset, action, and accountability group coaching program. This group is a place where you can get the connection, support, accountability and information you need to move your business to a new level of success in the next 6 months. My goal is to work with you, and a small group of other committed entrepreneurs, to help you rocket past any fears, worries, or lack of knowledge that is keeping you, or your business, stuck, and to do this in a safe, structured and supportive environment that both pushes you and celebrates you.

At the end of 6 months, if you do what you agree to do, you will have a business that is more profitable, more exciting, and you’ll have more time to focus on other projects, hobbies, and causes which are meaningful to you.

I want to inspire you to live fully; and to achieve in all areas of your life.

This is How the P3 Program Will Work

We’ll start in April 2017, with a two hour introduction meeting so you can meet the other participants and start to create connection. After that initial meeting, we’ll meet twice a month by web conference. The first meeting of each month will be the place for you to share your concerns, worries, frustrations; to get advice and mentoring; and, of course, to celebrate your wins. From this call, you’ll set your business and personal goals for the next month.

The second call each month will be for quick accountability — a place to “check-in” and make sure you are on track with your goals — and to get a tune-up if you’re not. In addition to this two conferences each month, we’ll also meet in person one time in the year for an in-person event. This is completely optional, but promises to be worth the trip. I’ll plan a series of activities for you as a group, so that you can extend your personal best in business and in life. If you know me at all, you know that I am always pushing myself to be better, and I love adventure, so I can promise you some new experiences that will rejuvenate you and excite you! Aside from our conference calls and in person meeting, we’ll stay connected through the year in a private Facebook group, and will be adding additional training and other information depending on the needs of the group.

Why is This Program Unlike Any Other?

Well, to be fair, it’s similar to other mastermind programs you may have seen or been part of; at least in its structure. Until now, I’ve only offered my proven business growth strategies to my high-level individual clients. You’ll be getting the same information so you can benefit as well. You can expect a supportive environment which challenges you to grow, in all ways. Until now, I’ve been focused on individual consulting projects, but know I love working with small groups. And I’d like to find a small group of passionate and committed entrepreneurs to work with over the next twelve months.

So What’s the Next Step?

I’m not asking for any money today, but, if you apply and are accepted into the program, your investment will be $300 per month for 6 months. I’ll bill you every 30 days. (You can cancel anytime, though I’m pretty sure you won’t want to.) If you’d like to work with me in a small group setting for this next year, to break through the limitations holding you back- both in business and in life- then please go ahead and apply to speak with me. You can do that using the application on the next page:

I can’t wait to speak with you!