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Ok, so now that you’ve defined your lists (and they were probably longer than you thought- were you surprised at how much you do to run your business each day?- I was!). Anyway, the next step is to decide which task(s) you can most comfortably and easily allow someone else to take over. In my original example, this might include scheduling appointments and sending paperwork, as well as future billing. If I were looking to hire someone to see clients for me, that might be another task I could outsource as well.  When you are thinking about sharing control of your business with a new staff member, it’s always easier to start with simpler tasks; ones that you can easily and comfortably hand over. I like to always start with the easy tasks; this allows my new staff member some time to settle in and feel like she/he understands the way the office is run.  Identify the tasks that you can most easily and comfortably hand over, and then decide how much of a budget you have to get these tasks accomplished.