For Entrepreneurs who Want to Be More Resilient and Successful :

Your Fear of Rejection May Be Keeping You From Success

Ever wondered what it would be like to sell your business services with more confidence and less fear?

Dear Conscious Entrepreneur,

overcome-rejectionMaybe you’ve been building your business for a while now. Showing up each day, working steadily. You’ve had some success, but you can’t shake the sneaking feeling that you should have been farther along by now.

You have big plans and big dreams, but it seems like something always seems to get in the way.

Maybe you feel drained and tired a lot, and don’t know why.

Maybe you have a critical voice that continually runs all day every day.

You find yourself shying away from making big moves in your business because you fear what other people will say.

Or maybe you’re still overcoming a recent break-up or divorce and finding it difficult to feel happy again.

While this is happening in your personal life, it is impacting your business, too.

What if you could find a way to feel good again, and to build your business without internal strife or criticism?

Why I can I help you

Hi- I’m Dr. Rachna Jain, and I’m a clinical psychologist with thousands of hours of helping people just like you who have been stuck in past hurts and unable to get past them. I’m also a business owner, and have been for more than sixteen years. Even more than that, I’m a high achiever who has often struggled with a fear of criticism and rejection.

I’ve written this book for people like me. People who want to make a notable and important contribution to the world, but find that their histories and past experiences have created a kind of gunk that’s messing up the works.

I know this book can help you, because the strategies from it are the ones I’ve used to better manage criticism and to build my own resilience.

As entrepreneurs, we run the risk of experiencing rejection each and every day. This isn’t a problem for those of us who are a tough and able to recover. But for those of us who are a bit more sensitive and whose feelings run deep, an off-hand comment can have long lasting and devastating consequences.

I wrote this book to give you a 5 step process for becoming more rejection-resilient.

By learning and implementing these five steps, you’ll be better able to ask for the business you want. Better able to step out for the opportunities you desire. And, best of all, you’ll be able to feel more confident and capable of creating all that you want in your business and life.

Here’s What The Book Covers:

The SMART System: A clear, direct system to greater success

Focusing on the five main building blocks of Self Care, Attitude Management, Abundant Thinking, Careful Planning and Resilience, this system will help you overcome rejection much more easily.

Filled with tips and exercises, as well as examples and stories, this will be the last rejection-proofing system you’ll ever need.

This book is really good. I hope you’ll get your copy here ($27.00, includes shipping):

Overcome Rejection: The Smart Way