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Don’t you sometimes wish that entrepreneurship came with its own set of guarantees? Guarantees like, “Don’t worry, you can’t screw this up too badly” or “Go ahead, you won’t end up homeless or penniless” or “You won’t look foolish if you do that.”

Unfortunately, part of the excitement and risk of running our own businesses is that we don’t know, exactly, what is around the next corner. I was talking with one of my assistants the other day and he said, “I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just don’t know if it’s an oncoming train.”

That stayed with me, because growing a business can often feel that way. We don’t know if the light we see ahead is the promise of an end of the tunnel, or just another crisis fast-tracking its way to us.

Based on my conversations with hundred of entrepreneurs, it is clear that fear of making a bad decision; or second-guessing decisions we’ve already made, are the two biggest stressors of small business ownership.

So what if I shared with you a way to make better decisions in your business, without too much more effort?

That is through a process of open decision making. Open decision making is a concept where you seek out multiple viewpoints and multiple opinions in order to generate various viewpoints. The resulting decision will be better for the influx of different ideas and perspectives.

Open decision making can require a bit longer to make the decision, but the benefit is that it results in a more well-considered and more solid decision through the discussion and resolution of various perspectives.

Now, of course, you could grab just any few people off the street and ask them to give you an opinion on your latest business idea; but the problem is that most of those people will not be qualified to provide an educated opinion on your dilemma, and you may end up feeling more confused and overwhelmed than you did at the beginning.

So what’s a better solution? To cultivate the perspectives of a small group of thoughtful entrepreneurs; just like yourself, who will listen to your perspective and position, and also share their own. You will benefit from the inflow of new ideas and new opinions; very often, you’ll see something that you couldn’t see before.

You’ll leave the discussion with greater clarity, and a greater sense of confidence and certainty about the decision that is in front of you.

And while the outcome is not a given, you will be much closer to success by having shared your idea and adapted it based on feedback.

So where can you find such a group of generous and helpful entrepreneurs? In my new program- The Business Growth Forum, which is a small group mastermind program starting in just a few weeks.

We’ve had participation commitments from several warm, generous, and dedicated entrepreneurs; and are looking for just two more people to round out our merry group.

If you are looking for a group that will move you further, faster, in 2017, then please learn more and apply to join us: