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Let’s start this week’s roundup with a nugget of wisdom from Tom Fishburne: “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” Keeping that principle in mind will help you communicate a sense of genuineness to your audience. Let’s check out this past week’s highlights:

1. Your employees can be an invaluable marketing tool. Even something as simple as a positive post about your company (as a place to work, etc) on their social media account can be beneficial. Small comments can increase your brand visibility and increase your likelihood of attracting prospects.
2. Coupling emails with social media can help to further solidify your marketing strategy.

3. Once again, Facebook has modified its algorithms; it’s crucial for marketers to stay on top of these changes and keep up.

4. In the digital world, you can lose out on profits if you fail to step up your game and step out of your comfort zone.
5. Sometimes, it’s best to just say NO. If you know that a certain customer or request is going to cause more stress than benefit, making that vetoing executive decision is the right call.

6. The phrase “less is more” applies to social media, too.
7. According to Paycheck to Passion, “Following up is often the difference between landing or not landing a client.”

8. iOS users will love this new feature; it pretty much lets you continuously pin!

9. Whether it’s by using the same frame, photo size, or filter, adding consistency to your Instagram feed will increase its appeal.
This officially closes out September! See you next week…