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We’re finally in the last quarter of this year. How close are you to fully meeting all of your 2014 goals? Here’s a quick recap of this past week to keep you inspired and motivated as we head into this year’s home stretch:

1. We all have days when we’re tempted to procrastinate. A few wise words might give you the motivation and encouragement you need.

2. It’s not easy being your own boss, but once you’ve figured out how to best manage these aspects of your business, your stress levels will be sure to decrease.


3. Twitter has seen some darker days, but its new updates are helping it to regain popularity.

4. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes; they want to be wowed and inspired. Visuals are eye-catching and attention-grabbing.


5. There are many tools available to help you take your brand to the top. A little digging is all it takes; your next best asset is just waiting to be discovered.

6. Your subject line plays a vital role in persuading clients to read your emails.


7. The right filter and hashtag can lead people to your page.


One more round-up before we officially close up September’s highlights. See you soon!