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One of the best ways right now to get more subscribers for your email list is to nurture an existing network. This could be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social networks, but also offline networks such as associations like the Chamber of Commerce or others.

Here are some ways to nurture your existing network. It all comes down to good communication and engagement.

* Schedule the Time to Engage – In order to nurture anything, you must be there. Therefore, put engagement time on your calendar for any network to attract new subscribers. Literally, put the time you’re going to spend on your calendar so that you don’t skip it. You want to engage on a regular basis and not just weekly or monthly.

* Show Yourself Often – Be around wherever the members of the network like to go. Join their groups, host webinars, and run advertisements that help expand brand awareness. Get interviewed by people the network knows, likes, and trusts.

* Develop Systems and Automation – While you cannot automate engagement very well, you can automate some aspects of it within your online networks. For example, on Facebook you can schedule posts in advance so that even if you’re on vacation, discussions are starting.

* Never Lose Touch – Get even more personal when someone stands out to you within a network. Don’t lose touch with them. Send them a card in the mail or send them a link to an article you wrote they might love. Congratulate them on their successes; tell them happy birthday; commiserate with them when they lose a pet.

* Give Back to Your Network – This is a great way to get people on your list. Send them things that will help them but require an email address, so that you can get them on your list. If you pay very close attention to conversations you’ll know exactly what they need, and you can create it and set it up easily if you have systems for delivery already in place – such as, or other software.

* Be a Resource – When people ask for help or have questions, give the answers to them if you have them. If it takes only a couple of minutes it’s going to make you look good (and feel good), help someone and build trust.

* Participate in Everything You Can – If the network you’re trying to nurture has events, try to go to all of them, whether online or offline. The more you are seen and known, the more people will want to be part of your email list.

* Give Them Stuff – When you do have people on your list, nurture them as well. People talk, and you want them telling everyone else in the network how smart and awesome you are. That will ensure that pretty much every new person who joins the network will end up on your email list.

The trick is, participate, be authentic, and be a resource to everyone in your network – especially the people who ask questions and need help. The more you can really participate in any group, the more likely you are to get more subscribers- they will trust you and want to be on your list.

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