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Feeling busy this week? The internet never sleeps, so here’s a recap of my Facebook fanpage posts from last week:

1. A big challenge, but nothing you cannot handle. Denise and Linda both loved this.











2. Scott and MaryJane agree that the only way to reap results is to work for them.









3. As a leader, raise everyone up together so your team feels vital and appreciated.






4. There’s enough digital space for everyone — start claiming yours.








5. The most-viewed ads always elicit emotions from viewers.

6. Social media has made it possible to bridge the communication gap that USED TO exist between brands and customers.









7. Kirsten liked that this Star Wars analogy made her understand SEO better.

8. People always talk about products that stand out.









Are you all set for the BIG CHANGES at Google? Because I am! Hope you’re all enjoying a great week. Until next time!