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So what separates the most successful businesses from those that aren’t? One word: visibility.

The businesses which are able to create and maintain high visibility attract the most customers and sell the most. At some level, it’s a numbers game.

Visibility can be a challenge for those of us who have trouble “tooting our own horns” or sharing about ourselves without feeling like we’re bragging. The challenge is that this kind of holding back- what I call “waiting to be invited” can keep you from opportunities and challenges which would help your business grow.

The fastest way to build your business is to say “yes!” to all opportunities which seem even remotely interesting and relevant. If someone invites you to speak at event- go! (even if you’re not prepared or feel sick). If someone wants to create a joint venture with you- be open! (even if you’ve never done one before or feel hesitant.)

I’ve been realizing lately how much faster my business grows when I say “yes!” and then figure out the details later. This has been a stretch for me, as I, like many of you, can get stuck in my comfort zone- doing things I’m good at, and never reaching much beyond that.

The problem with this is that it’s boring- and keeps you stuck doing the same old, same old. And the longer you do certain things, it becomes even more difficult to contemplate making any changes at all.

So what am I doing to boost my business and my visibility within this next month?

1) Taking part in a newly forming Mastermind group with some high level marketers

2) Promoting my products and services more intentionally and consciously across my blogs

3) Pitching for radio interviews

– and that’s just so far. If I get through these early enough, I’ll add a few more to the list. 🙂

When you say yes to new opportunities, you build your visibility. As you build your visibility, you also grow your credibility. As my friend, Dave Lakhani always says, “You have to be seen to sell.”

Where will we be seeing you this month?