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I was reading an article earlier today at about functional imaging of the brain. This technique allows researchers to see what areas of the brain "light up" when a person is involved in some mental task (thinking of a word, solving a math problem etc.) The implications of this technique are being debated and the ethicists are weighing in with their suggestions. What does this have to do with a sales and marketing blog? I found it interesting because one of the possible uses of this type of functional brain imaging is that market researchers could see what parts of the brain "light up" when people are exposed to various words, products, or ideas. Presumably, this information could be used to fine-tune marketing efforts, as we’d then perhaps be better able to elicit reactions such as desire, envy, lust…all to drive product sales. This use was termed neuromarketing… and is kind of scary. While the marketer in me appreciates the possibilities, the real life person fears the processes of my brain falling into unscrupulous hands.