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My new digital baby was born this morning in the iTunes store!

IMForTheRestofUs-April2014-issueIt’s my new digital magazine- IM For the Rest of Us: Digital Marketing Simplified– which has been in the works for just about six months. It’s taken quite a bit of effort to learn how to put this together, but now I could not be more pleased with the results!

My goal with this monthly magazine is to help demystify the world of online marketing, especially for solopreneurs, professionals, and small business owners who are often fulfilling multiple responsibilities at the same time. I’ve pulled together a set of articles which I think will speak to you on many levels- practically, psychologically, and effectively.

I’m lucky enough to count as my friends and colleagues some really superstar people, and seven of them have contributed content to this issue. The magazine is optimized for iPad, but is also attractive and workable on your iPhone as well.

This magazine is a big personal milestone for me, too, as I’ve wanted to be a magazine publisher for about the past 10 years. The technology to do this was just not easily (or cost-effectively) available until more recently, and as soon as I learned of it, I knew the time had come for me to realize my long-held dream.

You can download the app itself for free, and then will be given the opportunity to purchase a single issue, a 1 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription. Your price per issue drops as your subscription length increases.

In this issue, you’ll find some good reminders of the profitability of finishing strong in your online launches, three keys to differentiating your online brand, your online sales personality, and the huge potential of elearning to propel your business forward.

I’ve got some great content and video interviews already lining up for issue #2.

Again, I’m super excited and I appreciate you giving me this space to share my joy!

If you wanted to check out the magazine for yourself, you can find it in the iTunes store, here:

IM For the Rest of Us Digital Magazine