About Profitable Popularity

I started ProfitablePopularity in 2006, and it has grown steadily in that time. It is a multi-sixfigure business, and I have 70 people on my team. I am based in Maryland, and work with clients primarily in the US and Canada. Our business is 100% virtual, and Internet-centric. This location independent structure enables me to work from anywhere, and allows me to attract and retain the best and most qualified team members.

Service Review:

Profitable Popularity focuses on creating and implementing online marketing campaigns with an emphasis on lead generation and monetization. Our core areas of focus as far as lead generation are search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, visual marketing (infographics/videos), and email marketing. We offer launch strategy and consulting services. Our focus in terms of monetization is related to product creation, sales funnel development, and continuity programs.

We’ve built and implemented successful campaigns for some of the most well known authors, speakers, and consultants in the world. Our clients routinely gain and retain high search engine ranking, and increase their revenues in significant ways.

Press Mentions

I’ve been quoted in more than 500 major media publications, including Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, CNN, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Sales and Marketing Management, Selling Power-among many others. I have been interviewed on top 10 radio, including NPR-Boston, and WASH-FM. I’ve also guested on numerous online radio shows and podcasts. I worked for many years as a psychologist-consultant to Hearst Magazines. I’ve appeared on NBC’s Today Show.



internet-marketingI’m the author of 5 books, with my most recent one being Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us: Your In-Depth Guide to Profitable Popularity. Described as “The Bible of Internet Marketing”, it guides the reader to develop a strategic mindset to online marketing, and offers a clear and actionable blueprint for building profitability and popularity using the Internet.

I’m also the publisher of the digital magazine, IM For the Rest of Us, which publishes monthly on both the Android and iOS platforms. This magazine reached #9 on iTunes at first publication. It is read and downloaded worldwide.

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The Best Ways to Attract Clients from the Internet – PDF report – http://ProfitablePopularity.com/onlinesuccess

Be Buzzworthy: How to Build Your Trust Factor in Social Media – webinar replay – http://ProfitablePopularity.com/bebuzzworthy

Two free audio chapters (in mp3 format) of my book, Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us – http://ProfitablePopularity.com/2audiochapters