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Even though Facebook still holds the largest audience, LinkedIn is stepping up their game. Which one helps your business the most? In the meantime, here’s what you need to know today — our weekly roundup:

1. Glenda commented, “It’s funny how once you get into doing something you really didn’t want to, you feel good about yourself and happy to not have succumbed to the lizard brain.”


2. Viewers love anything visual — images, infographics and most of all, videos. But keep it short and straight to the point.


3. Your attitude will make a big difference when it comes to handling setbacks.


4. It’s not difficult to be successful on Twitter. A few reminders will keep you on the right track.


5. One of the basic rules of blogging is to produce content that communicates your personality.

6. Open up to success with an optimistic mindset.


7. As a marketer, your morning habits make a big difference.


That sums it all up for now. Hope to see you at the next roundup!