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May is finally here, and the weather is starting to warm up! April had plenty of showers in my area, so I am keeping an eye out for those beautiful flowers the rhymes always talk about! Here are some of the ‘hot’ posts from last week for you all:

  1. This is why protecting your brand’s privacy and integrity is very important.
  2. One of the challenges of social media is limits; but without them, there would be total chaos! 🙂
  3. Is man evolving through the use of technology, or has technology totally outpaced us and left us in the dust?
  4. I miss the days when life (and making friends) was simpler.
  5. There’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic when it comes to your brand’s social media marketing; you just have to know where to start!

There you have it, folks! Come back again next week for more updates and another roundup!