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Another month is coming to a close and with that, here’s a quick highlight of last week’s most well received Facebook posts:

1. Social media boasts of speed — customers can write positive feedback or complaints and send them to you in seconds. No matter what it is, it’s best to respond as fast as you can.









2. Digital marketing is more than just one aspect — it’s a combination of different strategies.

3. A little humor for all marketers.










4. Every minute matters – procrastination is not an option.










5. In order to stand out of the millions of posts on the web, the highest quality content is imperative.

6. True fans will become your source of big profits. You can activate them by matching their needs to your marketing strategies — may it be search engine optimization or content.










7. SEO is STILL an integral part of online marketing, a few tips will keep you in the right track.

8. Denise and Deborah found this absolutely hilarious.








That wraps up our previous week. Have a great one ahead!