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It seems like social media platforms are rolling out updates and changes on a weekly basis. That’s why, in the digital age, it’s so important to stay in the loop. For now, here’s a quick wrap-up of last week’s Facebook posts:

1. It all depends on your perspective. 🙂

2. Wherever you work, a little humor can brighten up your day. 🙂

3. It can be challenging to keep your audience’s attention during important presentations. However, a few easy guidelines can help you make it unforgettable.

4. When we encounter unexpected problems, it’s better to innovate and ‘take it from there’ than give up.

5. It takes more than a great story to keep your brand on top.

6. Quick tips from big names in the industry.

7. Starting from scratch is fun, but sometimes success depends on learning to work with what’s already there.

8. Remember, safety first. Melissa thinks this is “funny but true.”












That sums it up for this week!