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It’s a new month, and I can barely contain my excitement for the 2nd issue of my new digital magazine, which publishes next week. Don’t forget to download your copy — and in the meantime, here’s another roundup of last week’s Facebook posts:

1. Instagram is growing day by day. Small businesses and huge brands are taking advantage of this platform.

2. Confidence goes a long way in business.


3. Sometimes, it’s good to step back and evaluate your plan objectively.


4. Almost every social media platform has been coming up with slick new features and innovations. Make the most of every opportunity to promote your business.

5. The big names know how to step up their game!


6. It takes more than a great product to satisfy your customers. What they really want is exemplary service and a memorable experience.


7. While it’s great to provide your audience with something new, repurposed content is just as effective if you use it correctly.

8. This is how you make your customers remember your name.


Hope you found this roundup inspiring. Enjoy your week!