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Part of being successful in business is being able to make profitable connections. I think about this as being related to deliberately crafting opportunities to meet new people, and, also, taking the opportunities as they arise.

shaking handsBuilding profitable connections means that you meet people who enrich your life and your business (remember, these are connected!) as you do the same for them.

Building profitable connections allows you to find people who can help you reach your goals, as you help them reach theirs.

If your business could use a boost, start by improving the quality of your personal and professional connections. Aside from the new ideas and new opportunities, this could also lead to some new profits.


If you, like me, work primarily virtually (meaning by web, telephone and email), you may be missing out on some opportunities to make profitable connections. I realize, more and more often, that having partners or connections is vital to our success as small business owners.

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted trying to figure something out when I couldn’t find anyone to ask. Some of the emails I get point to frustration in terms of how much work it takes to build a successful business, both on and offline.

Since the hallmarks of Web 2.0 are community and interactivity, I decided to do something about the isolation we all occasionally feel. 

I’ve decided to offer a forum on this site. My intentions for this would be that the forum becomes a place to meet each other, ask questions, and make profitable connections.

If you visit:, you’ll find a brand new forum just waiting to be posted on. This forum will be available for your use- whether you want to ask a question, or when you have some wisdom to share.

One of the best elements of this forum is that I’ve opened up a section to allow you post for services you want, and services you offer. My hope is to make this a valuable source of new referrals into, and out from, your business. No more struggling to find the best help- it will all (eventually) be right here.

I know it can be awkward to start up conversations, but I hope you’ll at least register and say hello. It may take a little bit of time to get going, but I think the benefits will be great- for all of us.

See you there!