Let’s meet for two hours and…

Create an Evergreen Marketing and Sales System for Your Best Selling Program

(so that you can create more income and more impact, more easily)

Dear Thought Leader,

By now, you’re at least a little bit familiar with my M6 Profitability Model for Thought Leader Businesses. This is the model that I’ve used, successfully, for the past 10 years to help my visionary clients grow their profits and their popularity online.

My clients have experienced revenue increases of 100-150% in just one year; which some high achievers seeing gains of 200-400% in that same time frame.

Thought leader businesses are created from ideas, but run on systems.

Yet most visionary entrepreneurs run their businesses without evergreen marketing and sales systems. This means they experience constant swings in their cash flow.

And, more than that, a constant struggle between servicing their big vision and grand goals while being held back by practical issues such as generating enough cash flow to pay the bills.

What I know is that you want a better way to build your business, so you can focus on creating more income and more impact.

This is why I’m pleased to offer you a chance to meet with me, 1:1 for an M6 Profitability Blueprint Session.

In this two hour meeting, we’ll take your best-selling program and I’ll show you how you can increase its profitability and impact through the application of my M6 Profitability Model. This is the exact same system I’ve used to help hundreds of thought leader businesses, just like yours, create more income and more impact more easily.

Let me tell you more about how I created this model.

The M6 Profitability Model

The M6 Profitability Model has developed from my 18 years of experience in my own business, my thousands of hours in implementing this system into my client’s businesses, and the tens of thousands of hours I’ve invested in learning more about online and offline business from workshops, seminars, conferences, books, and training programs.

What results is a clear, step-by-step blueprint that can turn your thought leadership business into one that produces steady, reliable, and consistent cash flow month after month.

And the best part? Once this system is set up for you, you only have to focus on one thing, and that makes your marketing so much easier.

The M6 Model is right for you if:

  • You have a thought leadership business that doesn’t yet produce income reliably and consistently, so you’re always struggling with cash flow challenges
  • You feel you are working too hard to fill your programs when you’d really rather focus more on delivering them
  • You find yourself selling to the same clients over and over – you aren’t getting as much reach or introduction to new audiences as you would like
  • You need a way to keep your clients longer, but don’t know how to do that effectively or ethically
  • You have many programs or products that aren’t selling enough; mainly because you don’t have an efficient method to promote multiple offerings at one time
  • You are looking for a way to put your marketing and sales on autopilot

The M6 model can help you with each of these areas; and it’s build on a “ladder” framework, so that each step supports and provides foundation for the one above it. Each step of the model, when missing, represents one reason why thought leader businesses don’t create enough income or impact.

We’ll cover each stage of the model and look at ways to improve your existing program.

For Example:

  • Your market — is it specific enough? Do you know how to reach these people online? (The secret is thinking smaller, not bigger)
  • Your message — does it tap into one of the three most core desires? How can we make it even more powerful?
  • Your business model — is it the right one for you? Is it one that will be effective for your business goals? (It’s easier to make money when your business model is set up correctly from the beginning)
  • Your marketing — we’ll discuss how you can set up an evergreen marketing and sales model that does the work for you (this will change the way you work in your business forever)
  • Your metrics — we’ll go over how to get your numbers tracking in place, and go over any questions you have about gathering this data and how to use it (you don’t need a lot of numbers, but you do need some)
  • Your maximization — we’ll discuss one or two ideas of increasing your lifetime customer value based on your existing or proposed business model (this is where your business can really take off)

You can bring a new idea, or an existing business to this session, and we’ll look at how you can use the M6 Profitability Model to accelerate your business results. In essence, we’ll take your profit stream from wherever it is currently towards one that will accelerate your results.

Accelerating your business results looks like:

“In one year working with Rachna, we experienced a 30% growth in annual sales of our half-million dollar company. With our second (newer company) annual sales doubled. Profit increased significantly (more than 100%) for both companies. We created a better marketing funnel which eased the ‘perpetual-need-to-launch’ pressure. Rachna helped improve our client engagement and our list not only grew but so did our credibility and connection with our community. I can’t wait to see what we achieve as we work together this next year!”

Casey Truffo

CEO, BeAWealthyTherapist.net

“Rachna gave me key tools to grow my business, such as targeted surveys, social media strategies, and effective promotion for my practical spirituality classes. She was instrumental in clarifying the direction I really wanted to go with my business. Rachna has an extensive knowledge base in so many areas, and she is also intuitive, insightful and quite enjoyable to work with.”

Rose Sneeringer

CEO, TheBookNurturer.com

“Rachna’s efforts have helped us focus our limited marketing budget and efforts on the highest-impact activities — so we’re getting far better results in less time. Since we began working together, our course and consulting revenue has increased 295%, traffic to key pages has increased 50%, free trial subscriptions have increased 300%, SaaS revenue has increased 400%, and our mailing list has grown 210%. We’re excited to launch a redesigned marketing site that incorporates everything Rachna has helped us learn about our customers, so we can help more people launch their own online courses!”

Abe Crystal

CoFounder, Ruzuku.com

In each of these examples, my clients increased their profits and their popularity.

Although I have worked with these clients over a period of time, I’m so skilled in this system that we’ll be able to uncover all the key elements you need to improve your program or service in just two hours. This is the absolute most powerful distillation of my methods that you can currently access.

I don’t want to waste any time, and I’m sure you don’t either.

Our two hour meeting will give you everything you need to improve your existing offering- and, of course, if you’d like my help after our meeting, we’ll talk about options for that, too!

I’ll help you in this process, step by step, so that you can benefit from my talents in both strategic visioning and effective implementation.


Sign up today and here’s what you’ll get from our M6 Blueprint Session:

  • A two hour 1:1 session by video conferencing where we will meet and work together to redefine your existing program or service for better results, using my M6 Model
  • A custom built M6 Profitability Map for your program or service- I’ll build this for you as we meet, and send you the big picture overview of your evergreen system by email just after our meeting
  • Five Worksheets:
    • The Three Year Magic Question- This question can help you get very clear on what results you really want (sometimes we don’t always know)
    • Revenue Action Planner- One of my favorite ways to make sure I’m always working on tasks that are income producing, and doing these first!
    • Acquire Tracking Sheet- An easy to use tracking sheet for your business numbers
    • Stop Doing That! Worksheet – Sometimes what you can stop doing is even more important than what you keep doing
    • Your $1000 per hour activities- A guide to help you focus on your highest value, most revenue creating activities – so you create more income every hour you work.
  • In addition to our time together, the completed M6 model, and the five worksheets, I will also send you a recording of our meeting, so you can review it again, (and I’m sure you will want to.)
  • Also, while my current inventory lasts, I’ll also send you an autographed copy of my most recent book, “Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us- Your In-Depth Guide to Profitable Popularity.”  (People have called this the “internet marketing bible” for the rest of us.)

So, to recap, you’ll get a private one-to-one session with me, a completed M6 profitability map for your best-selling program, five worksheets to help you clarify and hone in on what’s most important for you to do, the recording of our session, and (while my inventory lasts), an autographed copy of my book, Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us: Your In-Depth Guide to Profitable Popularity, shipped to your door.

I’ve taken my best resources and my knowledge and put them into a valuable and accessible format so we can help you create the income and impact you desire (and deserve!)

All that sounds great, you might be thinking, but….

Is there a Guarantee?

Yes! There is absolutely a satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how that works: on the day of our meeting, if, at any time, within the first 20 minutes of our meeting, you feel that you aren’t getting what you expected, let me know. At that time, I’ll offer you the chance to cancel our meeting, and I’ll refund your payment promptly. In this event, you will not receive the M6 Profitability Map, recording or copy of my book, but you can keep the five worksheets as a thank you.

I want you to have a powerful and profitable experience in our time together, and will do everything I can to make that happen; but I realize that sometimes personalities don’t mesh, and that’s why you have the option to cancel our meeting within the first 20 minutes and obtain a prompt refund.

Truthfully, I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to say Yes! to more income and more impact.

All that you have to do is take the next step, and sign up for your M6 Profitability Blueprint right now!

Yes! I want my M6 Profitability Blueprint Session!