Coaches Finishing School

Mentorcoaching and Training for Developing Coaches


Lyn Allen founded CoachesFinishingSchool because she wanted to offer developing coaches a structured program and plan for improving their coaching skills and passing their coaching certification exams.

Similar to the “finishing schools” that put the final polish on generations of debutantes, Lyn’s program is meant to put the polish on developing coaches.

When we first began working together, Lyn’s biggest area of focus was on filling her upcoming training programs. In our work together, we designed and implemented an effective strategy for filling her upcoming training programs.

She was able to successfully repeat this process to fill her next programs as well.

The biggest benefit, I believe, was that we were able to take all the individual pieces of her marketing and connect them coherently so she could get the results she wanted.

As a result, she increased her income, improved her confidence, and had a repeatable system that she has been able to continue to use with great success.

We worked on putting her marketing into an effective and profitable sequence, helping her leverage her existing community and contacts to fill her training programs.

What Lyn says about our work together

When I began working with Rachna, my primary goal was to fill one of my coach training programs. We exceeded this goal – and early, too. Rachna helped me clarify my marketing strategy in the big picture, and helped me coordinate the individual pieces so everything worked well together. We accomplished my main goal in just a few weeks- and I’m looking forward to moving ahead on my other business goals with even more confidence. If you’re looking to work with someone who can make your internet marketing make sense (and money)- hire Rachna.”


Lyn Allen

Founder, CoachesFinishingSchool

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