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When you’re building a business, it’s inevitable that, sometimes, you’ll feel a bit discouraged and hopeless because success doesn’t seem to be coming to you as quickly as you’d like. When you feel down like this, you’re much less likely to keep up with all your marketing and business building efforts, feeling, perhaps, like "it doesn’t matter anyway." Here’s a tip to help you re-focus and get back on track. I call it "looking for contradictory evidence" and this is how it works: If you’re feeling badly, it’s a safe guess to say that you’ve been focusing on all the reasons why you aren’t succeeding and aren’t going to succeed. To shift out of this mindset, look for contradictory evidence- all the "proof"/"evidence" that you have to suggest success is on the way. No matter how small, start looking. You can count the person who called but didn’t buy- at least s/he called. You can count the nice compliment you got on your website. You can count the person who got your name from someone else. Anything goes here- anything that helps you see that what you desire is on its way to you. Rather than focusing on how you aren’t succeeding, start focusing on how you ARE. This, alone, can create a major shift in your approach, and, after all, you live what you think.