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Local SEO Services for Service Based Businesses

You’re probably interested in local seo services for your service business because you want to attract more clients. After all, if you had a steady stream of new clients regularly scheduling their appointments, you’d feel secure, because your income was stable. You’d be able to plan your workday, and maybe even create a balanced work/life schedule (finally.) You went to school for a long time, worked hard, and provide caring and ethical services to your clients.

So what aren’t more of them knocking on your door?

There is only one reason for this- which I’ll share with you in just a moment, but before we get there, let’s talk about what you’ve probably already tried. You’ve probably already tried expensive fliers and ads in your local paper. You’ve built a website- but you’re not sure if any new clients are visiting it. You’ve perhaps considered (or tried) Facebook ads; and possibly even Google Adwords, but you’ve mostly end up spending more than you thought, for less return on investment than you expected.

This, unfortunately, is a story that unfolds in many professional practices in every town, over and over and over. It doesn’t have to be this way. Sure, you didn’t go to school for marketing, but shouldn’t marketing be easier?

As I mentioned before, there is one main reason you’re not getting enough new clients- and that is because they can’t find you. Very likely, your website is a good resource for just those people who have already heard of you- and who know your website name and find you that way. But the real benefit of a website is in its capacity to attract new clients- through the power of local search.

This means that when someone in your local area visits Google (or any other search engine), and types in the name of your service (such as dental services, counseling services, chiropractic services, and so on)- your website shows up as one of the top results. When this happens, and you have a strong and effective website, your potential client feels that their long-awaited search is over- that they have found a provider they can trust.

The challenge, though, is that there are many companies offering local SEO services. You probably get phone calls everyday and emails every week from SEO companies promising you top rankings. While there are definitely legitimate search engine optimization companies out there, they don’t tend to engage in spam. They are not the ones contacting you.

Like any reputable business, local SEO services require a relationship and a sense of trust. These are not gained without developing a relationship and providing value to potential clients. Also, since no local SEO company owns Google or other searches, they can not guarantee you top listing. It’s not totally up to them. What they can (and should) promise you is that they will do everything they can to gain top ranking.

The other thing about service businesses is that, very often, especially for personal services (health care) as opposed to home services (lawncare or cleaning), paid advertising doesn’t work. It can assist with discovery- but it doesn’t tend to result in high conversion. In fact, many of my local SEO services clients are running large Adwords budgets when they begin working with us. They quickly find that local SEO and high search rankings outperforms Adwords, sometimes as much as 5:1. They quickly find other uses for that $1500-$2000 they were spending each month on Adwords and other paid search advertising.

My most successful local SEO clients gain more than 200 new clients each year from the high rankings our work creates for them. We have special expertise in working with service based businesses, and know how to present your practice professionally and effectively.

My clients gain and keep top ranking, resulting in thousands of dollars of new income to their businesses each and every month.

“Rachna has literally added thousands of dollars to my bottom line each month. She has catapulted us to a high organic search ranking twice – once after a move to a much more competitive location. She continually looks for new ways to help me attract the clients I want and as a result, life is easy for me – as the business owner knowing Rachna doing the SEO for us. I cannot say enough good things about her service, professionalism and expertise. I feel taken care of and that frees me to take care of my clients and clinicians – and grow our business. Do yourself a favor – hire her!”

Casey Truffo


On a colleague’s recommendation, I hired Rachna to do SEO work for my counseling practice site. I can confidently stand by my colleague’s recommendation, she delivers! Since I’ve been working with Rachna, in the past 6 months, I’ve seen a 25%-30% increase in the number of inquiries coming into my practice compared with the first 6 months of last year! I’ve also doubled the amount of client conversions in the past 6 months compared to 2016, in part due to targeted content pages that Rachna helped me work on and optimize, so that I’m better able to reach my target audience. She is very friendly and accessible, and has a wonderful ability to explain technical processes in a way the average person can understand. As a result of the increased referrals, both my associate and I are full, and I’m considering hiring another one! I would not be in this position if it were not for Rachna and her fabulous work! I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lesley Martin, MA, LMHC, NCC

rachna-head Hi, I’m Dr. Rachna Jain. I’m a psychologist and SEO expert. I’ve been working online for  17 years, and have built three multi-six figure businesses from the internet.

im-start-hereOne of my particular specialties is in working with professional service firms who want to attract clients from the internet. So if you’re an attorney, physician, therapist, accountant, or any other expert service professional- I can definitely help you. 🙂

I’m the author of Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us: Your In-Depth Guide to Profitable Popularity, a book that demystifies the sometimes confusing world of online marketing. Some have referred to it as “The Internet Marketing Bible- for the rest of us.”

My clients value working with me because of my warmth, professionalism, and for how I get results for them.

Some Of The Rankings Gained for Our Clients

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“When I went looking for someone to help promote my website, I was delighted to discover Rachna. She not only thoroughly knows the craft of website promotion, but brings brilliance to what she does with her unique approach. Her ability to teach her powerful synthesis of tools, and what’s “geek” to most of us, is clear, straight forward and easy to understand. Rachna’s style is warm, fun, and reassuring to any novice. And for those who have studied SEO, keywords and site promotion already, you will learn new tricks and techniques with Rachna.”

Gia Combs Ramirez


“It has been remarkable to work with Rachna for the past few months and see the online results with my SEO efforts.  Rachna is such a pleasant and down-to-earth person to work with; she has a clear and direct approach to getting your local online rankings to #1 and does so very quickly and with ease!  I have never referred so many business owners to one person in my life.  Rachna is a hidden SEO gem – if you need your revenue to increase from a stronger online presence she’s the one and only person to call.”

Cerina Griffin


"I am a marriage therapist who hired Rachna for SEO work after getting to know her through her work with a mutual colleague. I have been interested in SEO for quite some time, but never really felt I could trust the people who I spoke with on the phone who advertised such services, and I spent copious amounts of time trying to learn keywords, Adwords, and SEO tricks on my own, to no avail. I was also concerned about the cost.

I hired Rachna because I have come to trust her and her abilities, as she is a wealth of knowledge. Rachna has only been doing my SEO for about 3-4 months now, but in that time, the number of calls I get at my office has doubled, resulting in a 48% revenue increase. I have certainly gotten a return on my investment with her and feel strongly that I will continue to do so. Now, the only problem is that I may need to hire someone to help me! Rachna is professional, kind, trustworthy, responsive, and stays on the cutting edge when it comes to SEO work. You won't regret working with her."

Misty McIntyre


If you’re interested in increasing your business’ online visibility in the search engines and want to work with a company that has a proven track record of creating results- I’d love to speak to you.

Once you hire us, you can safely and comfortably leave your SEO to us, and trust it will be done correctly, ethically, and effectively.

We do all the work for you, so you can focus on all the other things you have to do.

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