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Leveraging your work enables you to create a practical and effective marketing system. If you take any item you create for your business, you can create, easily, several other marketing tools and uses for this item. In a previous entry, we discussed how you might leverage an article. What about another kind of leverage, let’s say of a face to face presentation: 1) You write notes for the presentation 2) You give the presentation You can leverage your notes for the presentation in the the following ways: a) offer as an additional value add for participants, b) leave as a "take-away" so people can share with others, c) add to your website, d) write an article from them, e) adjust them for an ebooklet or product, f) record an audio message or program from them (which you can sell or giveaway), g) add them to a section of your printed book. You can leverage your actual presentation in the following ways: a) record it (audio) for sale or giveway, b) videotape it for training or teaching purposes (or as a product for sale) c) use a sample of it on your website to promote your speaking services, d) create a home study kit with the video, audio, and your notes, e) use it as a study guide so you can improve your presentations and command higher fees, f) offer it as a distance learning course So, you can see, from just two actions, you’ve created 14 marketing pieces. For everything you create in your business, aim to create at least 7 other ways to use the material- and do this right away. Once you’ve created your 7 ways, implement them immediately. This becomes a pathway in your marketing system.