Pin It

Wrapping up another busy week? Here are a few quick highlights from last week’s posts on my Facebook page:

1. This is the best way to determine the path your business will take.


2. The majority of Pinterest users are women — will your niche benefit from this platform?


3. You can’t please everybody, which is why you can’t stress out about every negative review.

4. A brilliant idea is a fragile thing. To get the most out of it, take concrete steps to make it happen.

5. Bringing a bit of your own personality to your brand will make it more unique.


6. Blogging isn’t just about keeping your website updated — what’s more important is delivering quality content to your audience.


7. Being confident will definitely help you attract more visitors and clients.


8. Use the lessons you’ve learned to create a stronger foundation for your future.


Looking forward to another great week — check back soon for more updates.