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I am absolutely thrilled about the release of my digital magazine to Android users. With that, here’s our weekly roundup of inspirational posts from my Facebook business page:

1. Sallena loved the additional option for audio in my blogs.

2. Trevor gave a thumbs up to this marketing campaign fail.


3. Staying stagnant is never an option for a new business. You need to understand the importance of moving forward.

4. Taking a moment to breathe and focus will help you get better control of what’s bothering you.


5. Sallena found my roundup blog posts to be very helpful, since she doesn’t get to see every one of my Facebook posts.

6. It will keep your followers excited for your next email.


7. Curation is a viable option if you’re running out of fresh content.

8. If you know a way to make things better, bring your ideas to life.


9. You no longer need to spend hours on a document.

10. It never hurts to get creative with your marketing campaigns.


Enjoy your week, and check back soon for new updates. 🙂