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As we begin the second half of the year, it’s a good idea to revisit the goals you set in January. Are you still keeping track of your small wins? Here’s a quick summary of some of our most inspiring Facebook posts from last week:

1. Remembering people’s names will help you make a good impression. If you find it quite challenging, these tips might help you.

2. We all need a little boost in the morning. How do you take yours? 😉


3. If you think “the cloud” sounds like a peaceful place, you might want to think again. 🙂

4. A positive tone in your posts will entice more people to your page.


5. Images on Instagram might be worth thousands of dollars.

6. You can still provide relevant information to your audience while making them smile.


7. It’s important to keep your social media content organized — not just to avoid repeating posts, but to prevent stressing about them, as well.


8. Twitter is FAST. Generating leads may be as easy as choosing the right platform.

9. To make the most of your marketing emails, consider adding this extra feature.


That’s all for now. Have a productive week!