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Hope you’re having a productive week. How is your favorite team faring in the World Cup tournament? Here’s my weekly roundup of top posts from my Facebook page:

1. It’s fairly easy to be distracted from your daily tasks, especially if you are working from home. Here are a few tips to help you boost your productivity.


2. A small token of appreciation for your loyal customers can help you keep your competitive edge.

3. From the beginning, you should consider how you can help your content reach the right people.


4. This is why you need to be concise and straight to the point.


5. Twitter is rolling out updates, too — a fun new feature for their users. 🙂

6. There’s a reason why marketers love Facebook — these numbers are impressive.


7. If you want more clicks and conversions, content marketing still reigns supreme.

8. Great businesses never stop thinking about what lies ahead.


9. Success takes more than a great idea. Be consistent and take one step at a time.

10. When drafting your content, remember that your audience will always want to ‘gain’ something from your post.


That sums up our busy week. Check back soon for more updates. 🙂