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Ready for the Super Bowl? It’s not just the players and their passionate fans who love this game — it’s also a busy time for marketers. Big brands are grabbing this opportunity to be seen by millions of viewers. Every second might be worth thousands of dollars, and their ads could easily go viral. In the meantime, back to our round-up — here’s a recap of last week’s posts from my Facebook business page.

1. With more than 50% of Facebook users using mobile only, these are the new rules.











2. Creative marketing is about doing something no one has dared to do before.








3. Growth can be challenging, but the alternative is stagnation.











4. This year, SEO will become more entwined with social media.


5. Broaden your horizons. There’s always something new to learn.











6. Remember, you learn valuable lessons from negative feedback.


7. Email is a powerful marketing tool. But use it wisely — don’t place demands on your customers.





8. Listening is a skill — can you hear more than what’s being said?











9. Mercedes agreed that she’s had this dilemma before, and it’s “Even more difficult to develop relevant LinkedIn updates!”











10. This search engine is taking the slow and steady approach.

That ends another productive week. See you again at our next round-up.