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There’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing. Everything is always in motion. Here are a few highlights from last week’s posts on my Facebook business page:

1. If you see opportunities where others see only problems, you win.











2. Planning doesn’t just happen at the beginning. It’s a continuous process of adapting and adjusting your strategies.










3. More and more businesses are embracing social media. It’s a powerful tool that can get you real results.











4. Before you repurpose content, make sure that no information is outdated — and keep it interesting.

5. From big brands to startup businesses, Instagram is a fresh new tool for marketers.











6. In your content marketing strategy,  high quality should never be compromised.

7. Good habits yield good results, all the time.









8. Different social media platforms serve different marketing needs —  where should you focus?

9. Important qualities that every marketer should possess — you learn a lot by listening.










That ends our recap for today. Have another productive week, and enjoy!