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It’s been a very, very cold week in so many places. But the digital world is scorching hot right now. With so many trends and predictions for the new year, we’re looking at thousands of new and amazing marketing opportunities. For a little inspiration, here’s a roundup of some key posts from my Facebook business page:

1. To start the ball rolling, you need ACTION, not just plans.











2. Monitoring is an integral part of this cycle. Metrics help you determine what needs to be improved.











3. Customers trust the judgment of their family and friends — this is something you can use to your advantage.









4. Setbacks can help you shape your success.











5. If you can offer people something they really want, they’ll buy it.

6. Remember that creativity has no limits.











7. There’s no such thing as smooth journey for every business — even the biggest brands in the world have experienced their fair share of difficulties. What sets you apart is how you handle it.











8. Success isn’t just about how much you make, it’s about how you think.











9. Finding it hard to get back on track? Take it slow.


10. Get creative, but make sure the customer is your focus.









That’s a wrap for now. Enjoy your week!