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I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that my productivity has been uneven. Some days, I wake up ready to accomplish everything on my to-do list, and, other days, I barely accomplish anything at all. I had been noticing (and judging!) myself on this "procrastination" when I started to wonder… is it always procrastination? or is it sometimes about coming into alignment? I think this is an important topic for entrepreneurs in general because it’s very difficult to move forward in your business if you’re not in personal alignment. What does this mean? It’s a way of describing the feeling of your heart, mind, body and soul all going in the same direction, rather than being being pulled in different ones. When you are in alignment, marketing, sales(and every other part of the business process) seems to flow more easily. You feel energized, inspired, and able to work for long periods. Alignment isn’t always easy to find, but sometimes what we call procrastination can be the search for alignment. If you, like me, notice valleys and peaks in your personal productivity, consider asking yourself, "Would this task be easier to complete if I were feeling better about it?"- if the answer is yes, ask yourself, "What would help me feel better about it?" And then the action that comes up. This is a way of getting all your personal resources lined up and working together- which is one of the best pathways to success.