Over a thousand new Instagram followers in just two months

A couple of months ago, I decided that I wanted to focus on selling my handmade jewelry mostly through online channels. I had been selling online from the beginning, but last year, I also tried a few in-person sales channels- my own pop-up shop, and a couple of vendor/craft fairs.

I enjoyed my pop-up shop experience very much, mostly, probably, because many of my friends and family members came out to support me; it was basically a very social selling event. I enjoyed the vendor and craft fairs too, but not nearly as much.

I found that it depends- a lot- on where you are situated in the fair; and that you can spend hours and hours waiting there with few sales. Generally, I did OK at the shows- but it just felt sooo slow.

Not to mention spending a whole day sitting at a table when I could have been doing other things.

Anyway, that’s the background for what I want to share with you today. Once I decided to focus on selling my jewelry online, I felt that to do that, I’d need to grow my followers on social media, specifically for my jewelry.

I did some research and put together a strategy for growing my Instagram following. In two months, I’ve gained more than 1000 followers, organically, and my jewelry sales are starting to pick up, with most of the new business coming from Instagram.

{Now, we’re talking sales at the level of “nice dinners out”- not “quit your job and make jewelry all day”- but, still, for just a couple of months in, this is encouraging. 🙂

These followers are all real people- other artists, as well as bloggers, musicians, fashion designers- and people with whom I might be able to collaborate in some way in the future.

I’m excited about the results so far- not least of which because it’s pretty much hands-free for me- except for the image posting and interacting I was going to do anyway.

It’s also more growth in two months than I saw in the entire year prior to implementing this strategy.

So that brings me to you- is Instagram part of your marketing strategy? Or would you like it to be?

If so, would you like to be part of a beta program to grow your Instagram followers consistently- and safely- within the guidelines of Instagram’s terms of service?

If you want to participate, here’s what you need to know:

–>You will need a working Instagram account.

–>You’ll have the best results if you are posting content pretty regularly, but we can help you figure out the best times to post, the best hashtags to use, and we’ll use the same system we’re using on my account to grow your followers too.

–>This will be a month-to-month type arrangement so you can cancel at any time, and as a beta member, you’ll benefit from preferred pricing.

–> If the service works well for you, I’d love to feature you as a case study at some point.

–> There are no guarantees, but as a month to month service, your risk isn’t that high if it doesn’t work out as you hope.

This program is currently in private beta, so if you’re interested, please use the button below to contact me and I’ll be glad to share more details.