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One of the biggest complaints I hear about online marketing is around how much content it requires- blog posts! Newsletters! Social media updates! – and then, closely following that, is how much time good content creation takes.

I get it. I really do. I maintain a blog, newsletter, and a digital magazine, plus I have regular social media updates, too.

All of these serve to build my brand and online community. But I also use a few secrets to streamline my content marketing and get more value from it.

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  • I repost my own original content.

Contrary to what you might believe, not everyone sees every piece of content you create. Even if you have the most loyal social media following, the fact is that social media is asynchronous. Sometimes, somehow, even your most loyal fans and followers are going to miss something you post. This means you can comfortably and safely repost your original content a few times. This allows you to leverage your created content for a few more social media updates than you might have planned, and it allows you to get more value from what you have already spent time creating.

  •  I continually look for new content ideas.

Sometimes, what is difficult about content marketing is the process of coming up with ideas. So I play this little game with myself- whenever I am at the gym, walking the treadmill, for instance, I might read a magazine or watch a show on the television- and I play a game where I try to draw parallels between what I’m reading or watching and my business. So, for instance, if there is a segment about “quick meals for summer” – I will think- “Hmm, could I do something around quick? What parts of marketing take a long time? Can I offer some tips to make them quicker?” – and this often gives me at least a few things I can work from. It’s intellectually interesting to make connections in this way, too.

  •  I review top articles on a topic for more detailed ideas.

So after I’ve come up with some ideas in step 2, I will search online for articles about this topic- and see what kind of information the first 2-3 articles give. Often, I find tips I agree with, and ones I disagree with. Once I am clear on these, it becomes a simple matter to write or develop the new article. When I know what the main topic is, the key points I want to make, and what I agree with and disagree with about how others have developed the topic- it’s reasonably easy to complete the content.

These three tips enable me to be prolific and effective with my content marketing. I hope you find them helpful too!