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One of the things that can be frustrating when you start an online business, is knowing whether or not the hard work you’re putting in is making an impact at all.

This is a question that troubles many online business owners- whether they are new in business or have been doing this for a while.

In fact, just the other day, I was having a conversation with a client and she mentioned that she was thinking about giving up on blogging because she wasn’t sure anyone was reading her posts.

I vividly remember the days when I wondered the exact same thing.

So here are some ways to tell if you are having impact:

You Have Regular and Increasing Website/Blog Visitors

Building traffic on a website or blog takes time. It’s not like you’re going to get a million page views overnight. But if your visitors are increasing and regular then that shows that what you’re doing is making an impact. Pay close attention to individual blog posts or other content that is getting the most the most traction and do more content like that. A high percentage of repeat visitors means that your content is resonating.

Your Content Is Being Read, Shared or Acknowledged.

If people who visit your website read, that’s great, but if they share your content, that’s even better. Engagement is a much better indicator of impact than pure site visitors. Be sure to reply to those who comment and if you are notified of shares, thank them. You can see how long people are spending on your site (a measure of engagement) by reading your website analytics.

You’re Consistently Making New Connections

Are people seeking you out more and more to connect with you on various social media accounts? If so, that is a great sign that you’re making an impact on them. People want to connect with you if they feel you add value.

You’re Being Invited to Speak at Events

A very exciting thing that can happen when you’re making an impact in your niche is getting invited to speak at events – either online or offline. It might frighten you, or feel as if it’s way out of your comfort zone, but it’s important to accept opportunities as they come that will further your business goals. Be sure to say yes to every good opportunity.

Your Content Is Being Curated

If other people are talking about your content on their blogs and websites and sharing it, then you’re absolutely making an impact. This type of engagement is an excellent indication that you’re making waves within your niche as a thought leader.

You’re Getting New Email Subscribers Every Day

If you’ve set up an email subscribe form (and you should) and you’re getting new subscribers every day, then you’re making a huge impact. Every subscriber will take you closer to your online business success goals.

You’re Building a Community

The more you build your business, the more you will (if you set it up right) build a community consisting of prospects and customers. Your customers will become fans for you, convincing the prospects to join them. You can do this via your Facebook page or a LinkedIn group, or even with a forum on your own website. Often it happens rather organically when you’re making an impact.

You’re Earning Money

You promote products and services and start making money or someone asks to pay money to put an advertisement on your website. Even just a few dollars means you made an impact on someone.

So what do you think? Are you making more of an impact than you imagined?