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I’m writing this while on a few days break for the holidays. I had been doing really well with taking some time off and today was the day I had planned to complete a few tasks to wind down 2013.

how-to-get-back-to-work-after-breakI sent out some invoices, answered some emails, and prepared the next issue of my newsletter. I have been focused on keeping everything simple and easy, so my email replies have been shorter, and my newsletter only had one part instead of four.

It feels good to be taking work a bit lighter today, and having a few more days off before jumping into the New Year with both feet.

Here are some strategies I’ll be using to return to work next week; feel free to borrow any that you might want to try:

1) Take it slow. My first official day back is the 6th, and I have made sure to have that day blocked out with no appointments. I want to use that day to get to my office, tend to any postal mail, email, or other things needing my attention. I want to review my goals for the year and take the first steps to work on them.

2) Get ahead. I have quite a bit of travel coming up in the final two weeks of January, so I am going to keep my focus on getting ahead. I will be grouping my work into batches (things like writing newsletters, blog posts, and so on) so these are all done well in advance and my marketing continues while I am away.

3) Work shorter days. My plan is to work a few hours a day all of next week, giving myself a chance to settle back in to a working routine. This may not actually happen, but it’s in my plan so far. 🙂

4) Send thank you cards and notes. If you, like me, received presents and gifts over the holidays from your business contacts, this first week of January is a good time to send out thank you notes and cards. Make a plan to get yours completed and sent out.

5) Extend your holiday relaxation as much as you can. My feeling is that the new year will get busy enough, soon enough. In the first week of the new year, extend your relaxation as much as you can. Whatever you enjoyed during your time off, do at least a bit of that this week.

These five strategies can help you ease yourself back to work, so you can be ready and inspired to achieve your goals in the New Year.