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Do you know that the about page is one of the two most visited pages on any website?

First it’s the home page- then the about page.

While most entrepreneurs understand the importance of a powerful home page for their website, many fewer entrepreneurs consider the power of the About page.

So when we think about how to build a better About page, what do we need to consider first?

Absolutely the first thing to remember is that the About page is about you – but it’s not really.

Let me explain.

You see this page on your site shares more about you, and your company, and who you are. But the page isn’t meant necessarily to impress your visitor of anything.

I suggest that this page is meant to convince your visitor of something.

What’s the difference?

Most entrepreneurs use their About pages to talk about themselves – ‘these are my accomplishments.’ ‘these are my achievements’. – but they don’t consider whether all of these details are actually convincing the visitor of something.

The goal of your About page is to directly or indirectly give the visitor confidence in you- your About page is meant to convey expertise and credibility. It’s meant to convince your visitor that you are worth paying attention to, at least, and worth doing business with, at most.

So when you write this page, consider each line as either aiding your persuasion, neutralizing it, or hurting it.

This all relies, of course, on an understanding of your audience and who want to reach- but, generally, if you offer professional services, you will want to present information that conveys a professional image.

You share details about yourself that “build the case” for why someone might work with you.

As I said before, this page is the second most important page on your website. If you haven’t taken a look at yours recently, may I invite you to review it from the perspective of a new visitor?

Is the information interesting? Would you find it compelling if you didn’t know yourself? Would you feel closer to hiring you if you were reading your About page?

Remember your page is the opportunity to convince the visitor of something. How is yours doing?