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Every business email you send is an opportunity for you to market by writing. Have you taken a look at your email etiquette lately? If not, you might be due for a slight tune-up. First, make sure that your emails convey a crisp, professional image. This is not the time, perhaps, to use heavily colored backgrounds, graphic images (except your business logo & a picture of you) and odd font sizes or colors. (Consider the business email I received yesterday which was orange writing on blue background). Next, recognize that the nuances of communication are sometimes lost in email- so I suggest that you go out of your way to be a little warmer and to explain a bit more. This can decrease feelings of aloofness or instances of misunderstanding. Finally, be sure to maintain a professional and helpful email stance. This conveys your solidity and expertise. Keep in mind that every communication going out from your business is an opportunity to market your services. Are you using these communications for maximum effectiveness?