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Content syndication is the process of sharing your content across the internet, so that you are creating greater reach and influence along the web. Content syndication is a multiplicative process; where you share your content on a series of different sites, and those sites may republish to other sites, and so on. So, from one piece of content, you can get hundreds or maybe even thousands of shares. Contrast this to most business owners, who write for their blog or newsletter and then never do anything more with this content.

Done correctly, content syndication can add value to your business in 5 distinct ways:

1)      You get more uses from each item of content. Whether you generate content yourself, or pay to have it created for you, every additional use reduces your costs. If you write an article and use it once, it might be at a cost of $50, let’s say. But write an article and use it 10 times, and your cost per use drops to $5.

2)      It creates leverage for you. If you wanted to build your client database to 1000 people without using content syndication, it would take much longer and be more difficult than if you wanted to build it to 1000 people using content syndication. Content syndication essentially multiplies you; which means your content is out across the web, working for you 24-7-365.

3)      It can boost your site visitors. The ultimate goal of content syndication is to give value such that people want to visit your site to learn more. With more site visitors, your website value increases, and you have more opportunities to promote your products and services.

4)      It can generate new opportunities for you. I, and my clients, have been contacted for interviews with major media publications who found us by content we’d placed online.

5)      It can extend your thought leadership. As the internet becomes increasingly crowded, people will be looking for leaders they can trust and follow. When these people are exposed to your content, consistently, they will be ready to follow your lead.

So, have I convinced you that content syndication is something you need to be doing? If so, and you want some help getting started, please join me for a 5 week training to help you learn the basics of content syndication. Learn more at