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How can you build a business if you can’t get any attention?

That has been the question on my mind and heart for the past few weeks, ever since one of my clients- a smart, talented and ambitious entrepreneur– asked me this in one of our calls.

We had been talking about her activities in the past week, and about how much she had been doing to raise her visibility. She was blogging. She was engaging in social media. She was being interviewed on podcasts.

Yet she kept feeling as if nobody was listening- and that she wasn’t getting any attention.

I know I’ve certainly been there. I think we all have.

So how do you build a business if you can’t get any attention?

This may sound flippant- and I don’t mean it that way- but the way you build your business in this case is to start by getting attention.

Most of the time, there is a missing foundation as far as creating connection and interacting that needs to be addressed in order to get better results from online marketing.

Sometimes people skip over these, accidentally- this results in almost no social media response.

Not that everything you post in social media will necessarily generate tons of response every time, but, ideally, you would see some improvement in your levels of engagement as you invest more time and build more relationships.

So what are the strategies that make getting attention easier?

I called them the 3 V’s of Audience Building.

The first is visibility. Building an audience is an active process. You have to show up to it every day. It’s an accumulative process, which means that, at first, it will look like nothing is happening, but if you are consistent, you’ll see results.

The second is value. Value means an experience that your target audience would appreciate or enjoy. It can be a relevant and timely tip or strategy. It can be something that makes them laugh. It can be a story which empowers them or comforts them. Value is subjective and will differ from group to group. The key is to test out different content, in different media, to find what your audience responds to.

The third audience building strategy is variety. It’s crucial to test out different visibility strategies. Try writing a blog post. Try guest posting on someone else’s site. Try giving a podcast interview. Record your first Facebook Live video. Keep testing different communication media until you see some signs of engagement. You have to engage people before they will respond.

And the great thing about these steps is that they are ones you can do right now, without needing special equipment or having to wait.

I’ve pulled together my most effective strategies for Facebook engagement into a new training program: How to Build Your Facebook Audience From Scratch. It starts in just a couple of weeks- and I would love to have you join me! (Spaces are limited, so you’ll want to check this out right now!)

I’ll share exactly, step-by-step, how you can go from little or no audience to building a growing community of targeted fans. I’ll share how I took a brand new fan page to 2500 fans in just about a week (starting from zero!- and I didn’t even like this page to help it along, either!). I’ll share strategies for how you can get other people to start sharing your content, and how you can use Facebook groups to raise your visibility and add value.

I’m taking just a few people into the program- which means highly customized training to make sure you are successful- and I’ll give you a bonus each week that you complete your assignment. This will be an effective and fun program to help your business get the social media attention it finally deserves!

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