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Ok, so I have to admit-I am somewhat late to the whole affiliate marketing process- whereby you recommend other peoples’ products and receive a commission on completed sales. I resisted this for years (mostly out of a lack of knowledge about the process) but I’ve just started to dip my toe into the affiliate marketing stream. Why the shift? Well, I noticed that I tend to make recommendations to others when I find a product I really love. Most of the time, these people buy based on my recommendations. I’m an enthusiastic connector of people and products! Since I do this naturally, I never thought about monetizing this process. Now I’m considering it. It’s becoming interesting to think about making back my investment in various products, services, and programs… by recommending them to others who can also benefit. How about you? Do you have products/services or programs that you absolutely love? Do these have affiliate programs in place? If you haven’t signed up- why not do so? You can get paid to connect others to products or services which will assist them….and get paid in the process. Sounds like a win/win.