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Ok- so I was interviewed for my first TV show today- a news program which may be syndicated nation-wide. So if you happen to see or hear me “on air”- I’d love it if you’d drop a line and let me know.

I was called last week about this opportunity and didn’t have much time to prepare. One thing I did make time for- and I’m glad I did- was to get my hair & makeup professionally done.

This helped me feel more confident, and the camera-man complimented me first thing, saying that I looked great and would come across great on film. This immediately boosted my credibility with the crew- and my own internal confidence- and helped me give a good interview- which could lead to other opportunities in the future.

Although out of my usual routine, today’s hair and makeup session reminded me of the importance of seeking out professional assistance when needed. Present yourself in the best light possible, and you will immediately boost others’ perceptions of your credibility and success.

In your own business: where could you use some professional assistance that you might not normally consider, but which might be a huge help?