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Google has just gone into beta testing with a new audio indexing service, GAudi, which will, eventually, catalog and search all the words spoken in a video clip.

Thanks to Techcrunch for the lead.

The GAudi service will be designed to work with YouTube. Once cataloged, the transcript will be placed in a searchable database. It can then be searched similar to searching any other text file.

There will be a function that allows you to search for specific keyphrases or terms. This means you no longer have to listen to an entire audio to find just the one sentence of information you’re seeking.

If you are an online marketer, now is the time to start leveraging your content into audio and video so you can take advantage of this new indexing process and capture even more search engine real estate.

GAudi will focus on first indexing politically focused audio and video before it moves to other topics. You can learn more at