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Super Bowl 2014 is over, and I wonder if other people thought the ads were as bad as I did. Sure, there were a couple I really liked, but for the most part… not so much. Anyway, on to the summary of this week’s most popular posts on my Facebook business page:

1. Marketers have been stressing the importance of mobile over and over again. It’s a trend you can’t and shouldn’t ignore.






2. It’s called ‘compelling content’ for a reason.










3. Never compromise on your content quality. That’s what entices new readers and earns their loyalty.

4. Insights and analytics pave the way for better, more effective strategies.










5. More and more entrepreneurs are investing in content marketing after experiencing its effect on their brands.











6. You are in charge of your own success.












7. Take advantage of the broad reach and fast feedback.












8. Which of your products aren’t selling? Examining your least popular items can help you improve your strategies.


9. Interesting, high-quality content will make your posts click-able and shareable.










That ends this week’s roundup. See you again soon!