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We’re now down to the last month before the first quarter ends. Pretty fast, don’t you think? How are your 2014 marketing strategies going? Anyway, here are a few highlights from last week’s Facebook posts:

1. Mercedes believes this is great advice. Twitter and other social media platforms will keep you visible online.


2. Meena said that dreaming big should be a mindset.


3. In their competition against each other, Coke and Pepsi have created some of the most engaging campaigns ever. You can’t help but admire their marketing strategies.


4. Remember that when you start a Tweet with a username, other people will not see it on their feed.

5. If you can’t do it all, delegate.


6. A call to action will serve as a guide to your website visitors.


7. It has the same benefits when it comes to brand awareness, but local SEO is more targeted.


8. Make sure that the font looks professional and easy to read.


And that’s it for February. What have you got planned for March? 🙂