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March is rounding the corner! Are you and your business keeping up with all the marketing updates so far in 2015? Check out these tips, but be careful: they’re hot off the presses!

1. Names shouldn’t be chosen randomly; make sure yours has a purpose.


2. In marketing, honesty is a sure-fire way to build trust.

3. There’s more to social media than you may have imagined:


4. Generate leads through content marketing. Profitable Popularity can help you get up and running!

5. Never underestimate your content – it can lead you to where you want to be if you know how to improve it!


6. Dare to be different; get noticed.


7. Pinterest offers countless business benefits – don’t be left out!


8. If you want to communicate thoroughly with your audience, you need to know how to reach out to them.


9. The right headlines and images can make all the difference for your content.

10. An optimized, streamlined website design can work faster and smarter, allowing your business to do more!


That wraps up our posts for this week. Stay tuned for more updates!