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Like the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day also presented marketers with lots of opportunities to get noticed. From packaging to ads, incorporating holidays and special events in your promotions can help boost brand awareness and engagement. For now, here are a few of last week’s top posts from our Facebook page:

1. Most people don’t like asking for money, but it’s always best to follow up.



2. More often than not, the first thing people notice about a blog post is the title. Make it clever and attention-grabbing!


3. The news about Facebook’s “decline” has been greatly exaggerated.

4. Work piling up? Tough decisions to make? Take a moment to relax.


5. Looking for ideas? Don’t worry. When it rains, it pours.


6. Open your mind to new experiences and just enjoy the journey.


7. Do you have trouble following through with your strategies?


8. From Instagram and Vine to Pinterest and SnapChat, social media platforms using visuals are getting more engagement every day.

Enjoy the rest of your week!