Are You Tired of Posting on Facebook and Getting No Response?

Wonder How You Can Build Your Business If You Can't Get Anyone To Pay Attention to You?

Then You Will Be Very Interested In What
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Hi There!

As you build your online business, no doubt you’ve heard about the importance of building an audience. People use many names to describe their audience—fans, followers, tribe—but the idea underlying all these terms is the same.

It’s about gathering together a group of like-minded people—YOUR people. It’s about creating engagement and connection in social media, and generating more relationships and connection from your networks.

As Seth Godin shares, “Marketing is a Contest for People's Attention."


Unfortunately, most people go about the process of audience building the wrong way. They share general updates meant to appeal to everyone. They invite their friends to like their business page and then wonder why nobody is buying from them. They are stingy with their “likes” and “comments.” They unintentionally share cryptic, confusing, or too much information. And as a result, people just keep on scrolling by.

If you are a small business owner who is looking for ways to build visibility and credibility with your target market on Facebook, then you might be very interested in my new program: How to Build Your Facebook Audience From Scratch.

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachna Jain.

I’ve been working online for the past 18 years, focusing on helping business owners become more popular and more profitable. Until now, I’ve worked primarily 1:1 with six-figure business owners who were looking to go to the next level.

(You can read a bunch of testimonials here)

While I’ve been very successful with those kinds of clients, I’ve also been noticing something…

I’ve been noticing that there are hundreds of passionate and committed entrepreneurs—people with big hearts and big visions—who, by bad luck or lack of knowledge, just aren’t reaching the people they need to reach and are feeling frustrated and stuck in trying to build an audience from thin air.


For instance, one of my clients has a fabulous self-development program. It focuses on helping uncover your internal blocks to success. I’ve seen the inside of this program, and it’s good—very, very good.

Yet my client has had trouble getting attention for her program. She posts regularly in social media—to crickets (that is, no response!)

She’s tried everything she can think of, and her posts still only get 1 or 2 likes, or sometimes none at all.

She came to our coaching call a few weeks ago and asked me how she could ever build a business if she can’t get anyone to pay attention to her.

That question got me thinking, because this wasn’t the first time I’d heard a similar kind of complaint.

And so by taking my M6 Profitability Model and breaking it down, step by step, we found what was missing.

I will never forget the day that this client emailed me, ecstatic because not only were people liking her posts—they were tagging their friends and sharing the post too.

Now, of course, liking and sharing posts isn’t the same as buying her program—you and I both know that.

But we also know that buying starts with getting attention and creating connection—and that was the missing piece in my client's updates prior to that point.

My client asked me if I’d be able to teach her step by step how to generate attention and create connection on Facebook. Since my few tips had already helped her so much, I decided then and there that I’d put together a training program for her—and that’s the same one I’ll be inviting you to in just a moment.

This program is one that I’m very excited about, because I believe it has the power to transform your online business and online presence—especially if you’re starting out with no (or little audience) and wondering what it will take to get people to pay attention and respond to you.


I believe I have the key.

My Facebook Audience from Scratch program Home Study is a 6 week program (with one additional week of Q&A) that will give you a step by step process for creating your audience from scratch. We will focus on creating a strong foundation that you can continue to build on when the class ends.

In a series of 6 class meetings, I'll help you create the foundational elements for building your audience. Each class will build on the others, and, at the end of the class, you’ll have a clear and repeatable system that you can use, over and over again, to expand and grow your audience even more.

In fact, I used this system to take a brand new business page to 2500 targeted fans in just under two weeks. My best performing post on this page has been reacted to by almost 4,000 people- and has been shared 1600 times. This is for a brand new page, from scratch. It had no audience and no followers when it went live in late September, 2016. Imagine how having 2500 targeted fans could impact your business.

(And the best part of this strategy is that it's so easy to do.)

I've since repeated this process for 4 other pages as well, just to demonstrate that you can gather fans in any niche, and that it doesn't need to take a long time.

Here is what one participant had to say:

"You are a genius! I've run 3 campaigns and now I'm up to 115 likes on my business page. It hasn't even been 10 days since I started. I am over the moon I'm so happy. I could be at 1000 in 6 weeks and start promoting my courses. YAY!!!!  Rose Sneeringer

So back to the training program:


Aside from the 6 classes and 1 week of Q&A, you’ll also have access to a private class portal, where you can access additional training videos and your assignments and worksheets.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the 6 classes:

  • Week I: Where To Find Your Ideal Audience Members & How to Reach Them
  • Week II: Crafting a Compelling Offer For Your Audience
  • Week III: Connection Strategy: The Organic Page Like Campaign (so easy!)
  • Week IV: Connection Strategy: Like and Comment Generously
  • Week V:  Connection Strategy: Contributing to Facebook Groups
  • Week VI: 5:1 Posting Strategy/Your Page Insights
  • Week VII: What’s Next?/Q&A Call

All classes are available now and you can go through them at your own pace.

The investment is $297 for the full 7 weeks, including all classes, the Q&A call, and private class training portal.

And, as a bonus, I’ll also give you a copy of a recorded interview on StorySellingTM that I did with best-selling author Dave Lakhani. Listen to this powerful training session where Dave walks you through creating a compelling story for your business. Being able to share a compelling story about your business is one of the first stages in getting attention. This call is valued at $97.

Act now, so you create your own targeted fans on Facebook.

I can’t wait to help you build your Facebook Audience from Scratch!


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