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Ok! So I’ve found not one, but two assistants to help me with my business. It’s been fantastic so far. I can’t even begin to express how satisfying it has been to hand over work, and see it get completed- without my having to do much more than just manage the process. That has been a huge relief for me, as I routinely take on many new projects at one time and then feel kind of stressed when I can’t make as much progress on all of them as I would like.

While I wouldn’t say that outsourcing has been exactly like "cloning" myself; it has definitely (already!) freed up some time/space/energy for me; which has allowed me to focus on other things.

One of them has been easing back into creating more content and some new products, both of which I absolutely adore. With this newfound space/time/energy; I’ve also realized that we need to make distinctions between our expectations and our experiments.

Sometimes, we let our expectations for our business get in the way of our experiments in our business. We overthink new ideas, instead of just putting them into practice- and seeing what happens. We are really careful not to "rock the boat"– at the expense of making our businesses truly how we want them to be.

We charge the same as everyone else, we offer the same (or similar) kinds of services– in short, we conform to expectations when we really ought to experiment. This has been a huge realization for me; and, simultaneously, has freed me up to try out some new marketing methods and to move forward on some concepts. I’ve decided to give up knowing whether something is a good idea; and, instead, to pursue it and let the market tell me if it’s a good idea.

This has been incredibly freeing; because I no longer have to have the answers. I can just try something out, see how it does, and then decide if I want to keep doing it (or not.) This is way better than overanalyzing and overplanning!

I wanted to share one quote I found in one of my favorite books, "Creating Money" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. This quote has helped me become more playful and open to trying out new things in my business; maybe it will help you as well.

"When you get an idea, don’t overanalyze it, asking "Is this idea going to create my new path, be profitable, or support me for the rest of my life?" Ideas are like seeds, when they first come up you often don’t know what they are going to turn into. Just keep following your joyful impulses and your ideas will unfold into the forms that best serve you."

What ideas have you had which feel joyful to implement?

Why not select one and work on it this week? Expect the best and highest outcome; while giving yourself a chance to experiment!

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