For Psychotherapists in Private Practice Only....

 Licensed Psychologist takes the EPI method
you use daily in your therapy sessions to automatically attract 594 new clients
in three and one half years.

 Use the exact same method to flood your
waiting room in the next 120 days.

Dear Friend;

If you’re involved in practicing effective client treatment and have the best intentions for your clients, but aren’t seeing your waiting room packed to the rafters, you need to read every word on this page.

Here’s why…

As you know, with any new client you begin with a process of evaluation: you listen to their background and history and their presenting problems.

This allows you to formulate your thoughts about what is upsetting them, and how you can help.
And after gathering that essential data, you then define a plan for treatment.

This plan lays out the framework for how you will work together.

Then, from there, you begin the actual treatment or intervention.

  • This Evaluation-Planning-Intervention method is one you know well—and likely use often.
  • Not only does it shape the way you work with your clients, but it also shapes how you maintain your notes and even how you communicate about this client to others.
  • As a psychologist, I too used this exact same process over and over through all my years of clinical practice.

But one day, everything changed—in an amazing way!

I realized this exact same process could actually bring
me full-fee (cash rich) clients who stayed in treatment!

I could use this process month after month,
and accept new clients whenever I wanted.

Again, let me stress: these were FULL-FEE cash payers. The best kind! :)

And they were MOTIVATED to get results...
I didn't have to push them too hard—unless they really needed it.

We all know those types :)

Let me show you how this system works…

It’s divided into 3 parts. Everyone can count to three so, this makes this easier for all of us…

Why make life more complex? You’re already doing too much.

So, This three-step system enabled me to build a six figure psychotherapy practice in less than two years.

And I did this without networking, without referral sources, and without investing in expensive (and often ineffective) paid advertising.

 Let me show you how all psychotherapists (even introverts like me) can use this system to grow their practice (without icky networking!)

Most practitioners I talk to don’t like to network and meet referral sources. 

Others are too busy to leave their offices, but they are still wanting to add a few more clients. So if either of these describes you, I have good news.

More on that in a second…

First off, things weren’t always so great for myself and my thriving practice—quite the opposite, in fact.

Here’s what happened…

I became a private practitioner almost accidentally. I had been working in a small private practice to attain my hours for independent licensure. When I successfully completed my licensing exam, I expected that I'd be able to stay at the same practice where I'd worked for two years.

However, the owner of the practice had different ideas.

A few weeks after I became licensed, I asked for a raise since I could now work independently. That raise was granted—but then snatched from my bank account two weeks later.

That was on a Thursday. Terrible day, and I remember it very well...

I'll never forget it, because I had just flown back to Maryland on a red-eye flight from California... I had gone to be in my friend's wedding...

It was also two days before my birthday.

I left the airport, tired and exhausted from flying all night. I wanted nothing more than to go home and get some sleep! I was happy, though, too, because my friend’s wedding was beautiful and I enjoyed the chance to spend the weekend with my friends.

As I was loading my luggage into the car, I got a call from my office. They asked me to stop by before I went home.

I walked into the office happy, but tired.

And then I had one of the worst conversations in my whole life.

I met with my employer to talk about my future with the practice—there was none—and about the fact that my raise was taken away.

Because of the way the conversation unfolded, I knew I could not stay working at that practice any longer.

So, within two days, I found new office space, got business cards printed, had phone lines installed, notified all my patients of my move, hired a billing person…

...and opened my own private practice the following Monday.
Just four days later.

I knew nothing about running a business, and I was seriously underfunded—I was owed thousands of dollars by my previous employer, and I had no savings because of that.

On top of this, I was incredibly shy and didn't know anything about marketing.

In fact, my first networking meeting was a horrible experience.

You know how they play those silly paired-up ice-breaker games so everyone can meet everyone else?

Well, once everyone found out that I was a therapist, nobody wanted to pair up with me.

It reminded me of being picked last for the dodgeball team in 5th grade—it was horribly embarrassing and humiliating.

So, given that networking wasn't going to work for me, I knew I had to find another way to bring clients to my practice.

No way was I going to fail, even though I didn't know much about what I was doing.

I was determined to succeed—despite my many setbacks.

And it worked. I’ve now found the answer.

Through lots of trial and error, I eventually created a system
called EPI, which enabled me to attract new clients from the
Internet while working from the comfort of my office.


  • I didn't have to go to networking meetings anymore
  • I didn’t have to meet and greet referral sources
  • I didn’t have to do any other marketing
  • I didn’t have to worry about filling my schedule
  • I didn’t have to worry about my bills

And best of all? I was able to build a six figure practice in less than two years, working part-time.

If you’d like me to create a plan like this for you,
I’d be delighted to do so—absolutely free.

Here’s how it would work…

I'd like to share the details of the EPI system with you if you are looking for a hands-off, proven system for attracting new psychotherapy patients each month.

Let's get on a call together for 20 minutes, and I'll explain the three step EPI method and how it works to fill your waiting room with new patients who really want to work with you.

Within this call, we'll cover the evaluation, the plan, and the intervention.

Afterwards, you'll have everything you need to implement this process for yourself.

Why Am I Doing This?

Through the course of my business, I’ve met many psychotherapists who really want more clients. I see this phone call as a way of giving back to the profession- helping you benefit from the system I’ve used with so much success.

At the end of this call, some people ask me to help them implement this plan in their own practices. While this is not the focus of the call, nor will I try to sell you into anything, if you would like me to bring you new clients each month, consistently and predictably, I’d be glad to do so. My most successful clients attract 25-30 new clients each and every month.

That’s thousands of dollars into your practice
reliably and predictably, month after month.

But this offering is not for everyone. In order to benefit, you must:

  • Have a private practice that you want to grow
  • Be seeing at least 5 patients per month already
  • Be willing to follow simple instructions
  • Be committed to getting results

I only work with clients who I really believe I can help.

Are You Ready?

Please complete the form on the following page to reserve your 20 minute phone call.

I can't wait to share the EPI method with you!


Rachna Jain, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist, Founder of the EPI method

Copyright © 2016 Rachna Jain

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